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Comprehensive Dog & Cat Grooming

Get full-service cat and dog grooming from Lubbock Pet Grooming of Lubbock, Texas. We have made our shop the perfect place to bring your animal for cleaning and trimming every four to six weeks.

Shampooing & Other Services

Make your animal's fur clean without damaging its skin. We use oatmeal shampoo to protect against dry skin. Our staff members also provide nail clipping and shaping. Our fur services prevent fleas and ticks, and keep your pets detangled and brushed. 

Combing long fur helps to keep your pet fluffy and untangled.
We are experienced and gentle. Our staff trims fur with the best, proven method, even trimming around the paws. We are animal lovers who are willing to clean (and clean up after) your pets. Our staff members also help keep your animal smelling fresh with a variety of cologne fragrances, including "Fresh Bed."

Our Products

Our shop sells a selection of collars, leads, and other pet care products. Come in and smell our Morenci Candles®. We offer a wide variety of long-lasting scents.
Contact us for top-to-bottom dog grooming and cat grooming.
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