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Affordable Pet Grooming Prices

Turn to Lubbock Pet Grooming Inc. of Lubbock, Texas, for competitive pet grooming prices. 

We offer a variety of packages at affordable rates.

Package Deals

Pamper your animal with one of our many grooming packages. We determine the cost when we meet and assess your pet. Prices vary by breed and size, and are as follows:

Bath & Nails

  •  XS-Small Breed: $25
  • Medium Breed: $30 
  • Large Breed: $35
  • Extra Large: $40
  • Extra Extra Large: $45

Bath & Brush

This package comes with a bath, brushing, and de-shedding. It also includes nail trimming, blow-drying, and anal gland expression. We also provide trimming or shaving to feet, face, and sanitary areas. Our staff can also add a bow or bandanna.
  • XS-Small Breed: $30
  • Medium Breed: $35 
cat groomer
  • Large Breed: $40
  • Extra Large: $45
  • Extra Extra Large: $50

Full Groom

Our most comprehensive package includes a bath, brushing, and blow-drying. It also comes with nail trimming, anal gland expression, and shaving of paw pads. We also clean or shave the sanitary area, provide an all-over trim or full haircut, and offer ear cleaning. We can also affix a bow or bandanna.

Extra Fees & Cat Grooming

Some animals require more attention and work than others do.

Cats are typically more difficult to groom than dogs, so they start at $50. 

The price goes up, depending on aggression and size.

Here are the extra fees:
  • Flea/Tick Dips from $5 to $10 (added to bath)
  • Severely matted dogs $5 extra (matted hair is shaved not brushed out)
  • Teeth Brushing $5
  • Nail Trimming $10
  • Anal Glands Only $10
Contact us today to find low pet grooming prices.
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